The Great Blow Out

By Dan Dungan

I made the decision early in the season to support the local Petersburg lads and have a go at their event. I’ ll give them massive kudos for this undertaking.  It’s often overlooked by race participants, the sheer volume of work required to pull off a triathlon.

Steve O’Connor, Dave Cox and countless other volunteer were up to the task.  As with any first time event there are little things that just fall through the cracks.  With so many race events competing for our time I was confident the Petersburg crew could pull off an outstanding venue.

This is race consisted of swim in Lake Petersburg, a bike leg west to Jim Edgar State Park (Site M) and a run course mapped through New Salem.  And yes the long course includes a run up the monster climb at the entrance to the park.

Now for my race day.  I’ve race north of 80 triathlons over the past years and have had only ONE flat ever.  You can say I am lucky for sure but luck ran a foul and you guessed it a flat.  The kind of flat we all dread, a tire shredding side wall blow out.

I had worked my way up to second place overall when on my exit from Site-M the sound of cannon fire pierced the air.  No cannon at Site-M today just the air in my 140psi rear tire exiting at sound barrier popping speed.

As I changed my tubular tire in under 5:16 seconds I found myself in ninth position.  I told myself to stay steady and TT the remaining 9 mile return at New City TT pace.

Job done as I passed two before T2 and past another in T2.

On to the run course where I was the hunter on a HOT humid run course.  I found it a bit confusing as the short course runners where mixed with the long course runners and I had no idea who was who.  I decided to run steady and hoped for the best.

I finished fourth overall and first in my AG. – Dan

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