Adam’s All Star 5K Charity Run

By Adam Hawkins

all star 5K logoThe All Star 5K Charity Run was held on Sunday, July 12th in downtown St. Louis. Since it was a Sunday race, I jumped at the chance to run. This race was a charity event, raising funds for three cancer organizations: Stand Up To Cancer, Susan G. Komen, and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

As race time drew near, I made my way to one of the sparse porta potties scattered about the parking lot. I saw a few women walk in, then immediately turn around and walk out. Talk began in the line about the poor condition of our plastic toilet. Once I opened the door, I saw what the ‘stink’ was all about…the bowl was about to overflow. I have used many a portable loo, but I have NEVER seen one that full. Luckily for me, this was a ‘stand up’ job and I was back by the third base entrance rejoining the waiting pack.

Hawk post allstar race2The announcer from KMOX told everyone to get ready. There was the National Anthem to be sung, then way too much talking from MLB-types and the representatives of the cancer organizations. You could tell that the runners were getting impatient…WE WANT TO RUN! Finally, Lou Brock sounded the air horn and we were off. (10 minutes late)

I found myself frustrated from the very beginning. There were way too many people who were not there to ’race the race’ up front. I spent a lot of energy trying to weave around people to try and break free.

The heat and humidity started to hit me right away. I tried to look around and take in some of the sights, but still keep the hammer down and try to get a decent time.

I guess there might have been one somewhere, but I don’t remember any clocks or timekeepers. I had set my watch to time backwards to hit my goal. This didn’t help, as I reached the finish line and saw the race clock in the 27-minute mark. I slapped a ‘high 5’ with the Pittsburgh Pirates parrot mascot, and finished the race.

As I followed the chute, we were given really nice silver finishing medals. Plus, we got a nice Nike race shirt. (I’m a huge Nike fan, so I was really happy with the shirt.)

Overall, the race was a neat experience. I am a lifelong Cardinals fan, so to get a chance to see Lou Brock, Busch Stadium and the Fan Fest activities was pretty cool.

I finished with a very poor time of 24:10. I placed 49th in my age division and 485th out of 5151 finishers.

My reward was a great breakfast from the always awesome Uncle Bill’s Pancakes with my buddy, ‘Real Rock’ Terbrock from KSHE-95.

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