Training races? are we talking about training races?

no no no, i’m not allen iverson talking aboot practice …. it’s just me jeff williams…. speaking aboot TRAINING RACES

okay i’m going to try to remember how SOME of these stinking training races turn out


oh yeah!! there was the one that happened last tuesday… NOW THAT WAS A FUNNY ONE …  this is what had happened:

tuesday april 15th, THAT’S RIGHT the tax dead line… and those who came to the ride must have been mad a hornets about their diminishing returns because we were hitting speed that, for lack of a better term were dingdang stupid … and when i say stupid of course i mean brisk….

you see on tuesdays in the springfield area training races that leave from biketek at 6:00 sharp…. most attendees know that it’s considered sprint night…. or puke night if your first name is gabe

there are five [5] sprints that we contest [actually kind of like mini-races] 

the first three, we have a regrouping of riders and spirits, … the fourth one has no regroup… it’s every man/woman for him/herself, and the last one is for all the marbles, or so it seems

well let’s just put it this was… we had a wind at our britches on sprint number one… and mark s. heard gary d. barking at him to go and the next thing you know ben c. is asking everyone ‘um…. so are we just going to let mark shea do that?’ [note: he had quite a bit of bass in his voice while asking this question through the huffing and puffing]

i was a few bike back so i don’t know who proceeded to reel mark back but i think robo and brock w. and gary d. started the ‘unleashing’ process

…. um…. can i just say this? i only had a 12 cog… i could only shift to my 13… but regardless i just could NOT close one meter on the fools who were directly in front of me … ben, gabe, gary, robo, brock and dan e. – no, no, no, no, no and no …. 42MPH for sprint number one…. um…… no one caught that darn mark shea…….so…… HAVE A NICE DAY

details on sprint two coming