Today was the first Heroes run for hope, in Chatham Illinois.  I got up around 0600 this morning to do the usual pre-race routine.  I drank my coffee and checked the weather.  It was a cool 40 degrees out.  I knew it be a bit cool for the start, but perfect race weather. 

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We got to Chatham, parked at the finish and walked to the start.  Before the race I visited with fellow rabbits Allison, and Aaron, who were racing, and Steven who was there for moral support, and to show off his new “chicks dig shaved legs” tshirt.  I was super jealous of Allison, and her Newtons.  She hadn’t raced in them yet, and was wondering how they would fair.  She informed me the new pink color comes out in April, so we are scoring them to wear in the Illinois marathon. 

Before the start, the group was led in a series of stretching exercises.The best was the superman.  After everyone was loosed up, we walked to the start.  There were not a ton of people there, so I started at the front.  The race began, and we ran down main street, towards Plummer.  I started off running a 6:40 mile, but quickly slowed my pace.   I got comfortable at a 7:20 pace.  By mile one I was passed by another female.   I let her stay ahead, and planned to keep her close the whole race. 

By mile three I was warmed up, and took my gloves off. At mile four, I was passed by the 19 year old who ended up winning the race. I wasn’t far behind the two lead female, but I couldn’t kick it up enough to pass them in the last mile. I finished third, with an approximate time of 36:40? I was so happy with my time, and the run. I watched Allison finish with a time around 38:30? She wanted to break 40 min. Awesome job! I guess the Newtons did great.

PhotobucketAfter the race they had soup( good idea!), bagels, bananas, and cookies. They had a raffle to win a bike from Wheel fast, I forgot to bring any money, so no bike for me. They had a ton of door prizes, including the garmin. While waiting for the awards, Allision and I designed our pink bedazzled shirts for the marathon to match our shoes. I was talking to Aaron and figured out that it was not him at the fitclub, guess he has a twin? I received my medal for thrid place overall female. The medal were very cool, they had a circle in the middle that spins around. After everything was finished, and without a new garmin 🙁 we left to get some much needed coffee. Jenni did an awesome job with the race! Everything went smoothly, was well organized, and was for a great cause. Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to all the volunteers.

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