Sullivan Sprint Triathlon

DSC00688This was my first time doing the Sullivan Sprint Triathlon, and overall it was a great race. The weather held out until we finished.  It took about a hour and 20 minutes to get there.

 It was easy to check in and get your, chip, get marked, etc.

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The pool at the Sullivan civic center is very impressive. We lined up according to submitted times. Being a fairly good swimmer, I was number 15.  I some how was stuck behind a slower swimmer and had to pass.

T1, not so bad since all I did was throw on a shirt, no tights today!  The bike was windy,and I just could not get into  a groove.  There were a few hills, but not bad. The only thing that would make this tri better, the bike in and out were the same place, and there was not much room to get off your bike.

DSC00699During T2 I tried to make up some time and skipped out on my socks. I would regret this when I finished.  The best part of this tri is the run.  It takes you through a park on mostly trail. It was beautiful.  We finished in the park, where water and Subway awaited.

I finished 5th overall women, and 1st in my age group! The female winner set a course record for the women.  Besides the medal, I got a $20 gift certificate to Tri Zone! 

I will definitely do this tri again next year!

– Kim