So Hot to Trot

DSC01634It’s true We have been basking in the sun in Alabama.  Thursday Steven and I set out for a run, acclimate to the weather. I was awesome to run back to my Dad’s and jump in the chilly pool!

Thursday night we celebrated birthdays with a night at the Hang out. Friday I picked my bike up from the local bike shop. It was no R&M. I did a 17mile ride. I missed my bike. Friday night, we had a nice pre race meal, consisting of seaweed salad, veggie sushi, and the best sweet potato ever.

DSC01656Saturday morning we arrived at the Florabama around 0630. I was in first heat, and was feeling apprehensive. I have never done a bike start before. When the race started, it took me like 3.2 minutes to clip my left foot in. Once I got going, I just focused on getting to the run. T1, I got my bag, and changed into my Zoots, and took off.

I passed 2 girls on the run by mile 1. I kept my pace at a 7:30 mile. I felt strong on the run, but was worried about the bike back, especially the climb over the bridge. The head wind made my bike back 6 minutes slower than out. I finished in 1:43.

DSC01682After the race I changed and cashed in a beer ticket. I got 5th overall women, and 1st in my age group. The win is nice, but it was fun to do a race like this, and to have friends, and family there to supporting me.

Before going home on Monday, Steven and I went out for “relaxing run”. I think we did about 6 miles, and 4 of them were running on a non existent shoulder of a road that everyone in Foley, Alabama uses to take their kids to school in the morning.

This was a great vacation. The weather was great, I had a great race, and I love seeing my Daddio.