Not a Biathlon

PhotobucketWhen is a Biathlon not a biathlon ?  When you wake to find it is still raining like crazy, and they cancelled the bike portion.  Today was supposed to be the Sportscare Women’s  biathlon.  However the rain turned it in to a 5k. 
I got to Koke mill around 0830 and got my chip.  I wasn’t sure how many people would show, but there looked to be around 50 brave souls that showed.  We walked to the starting line, and “go” started the race.  I took off wanting to get the run over with.  I was right on the heels of another runner the first .5mile, and then passed her around the first turn.

PhotobucketNow I was in first.  Around mile 1.7 you do a down and back, this gave me the opportunity see how far back the others were.  I was pretty far up ahead.  I’ve never been in the lead and got to follow the pace car.  The last half mile I ran as fast as I could, and prayed no one caught me.

At this point I was soaked.  Greatful I wore my Zoots, not so much my white running skirt.  I was really heavy with all the water soaked in it.  I crossed the finish first with a time around 22:30.  Not to bad for running in the rain. 

After the race, there was a ton of things inside to do.  Bp checks, cholesterol screening, and free stuff.  I didn’t do any of it, but still.  I got my finishers medal and went home.  I was glad I got up and ran.  It was actually fun running in the rain, and seeing Steven in running skirt and cowboy hat was priceless. 

Thank you to all the volenteers, who had to stand out in the rain. Oh, and Jason was right the shirts are awesome.