Vdot… know it!

Last week we had the typical “End-of-January-and-the-snow-on-the-road-and-the-wind-chill-sucks” skeleton crew.  The numbers are getting slim, but the hardcores are still with us.  And don’t forget… Misery loves company.

Dan and I had a very specific plan last week regarding pace and distance.  It could have been one of the most well-executed workouts we’ve done.  Normally our pace is based on egos and how guys are feeling.  Neither of which is really applicable to proper training.  David (not Egan), Dan and I stayed together and in control.  It felt good to systematically stay at about 6:20-6:25 pace during the intervals.  (That is based on our Vdot- Look at the training plan to find yours… It’s important!)  The best part of staying in control and cruising through a solid workout… I didn’t need until Friday to recover.

Today’s plan (after a thorough warmup) is to run 5 minutes Hard with 3 minutes of recovery jogging, to total 4 miles.  With the paces we’ll be running, we’ll probably only have to do a little more than 4 Hard intervals.  Each interval and recovery should be a little more than a mile total.  12:05pm today at the usual meetin’ spot.