Two minutes is a long time.

The plan was to do some form of intervals following last week’s time trial.  We decided on doing two minute intervals.  Two minutes at 5k race pace (for some, a bit faster) followed by two minutes of recovery jogging.  We ran through the park clockwise and then exited at Wiggins, down to Outer Park and then returned towards the park on Park St.  We basically followed our 3 mile time trial course.  The plan was to do 5 intervals.

The weather was about as perfect as could be, and given that it was actually February, made it even better.  I think there were 9 of us that came out to hurt (and hurt, it did).  Let me reiterate the title of this post… two minutes is a looong time.  It’s a painful feeling when you’re running hard and really starting to feel the pace and you look down at your watch and still have 40 seconds to go.  Ouch!

The group made it through 5 of those intervals just as we were finishing the 3 mile course.  Four of the runners decided to do an extra one!  What was up with that?  We’ll note how easy it was for the four of you when we’re deciding the next workout.

By the way, next Tuesday (Feb. 17th) is our 2nd Annual “President’s Day 5k”.  I will post results from last year’s 5k.  This is a real 5k (actually 3.0 miles and we add 30 seconds to your time).  The run will start at the usual place and usual time.  Best of all… it’s free to enter.  Entrants in the past have successfully used the results for seeded positions at other events (just a thought).