The Octopus Cometh

It came, it saw… It kicked our butts!  Man, that is a tough workout.

We met at 1st street and Madison at noon and proceeded towards the cemetery.  Once we entered the cemetery on Monument boulevard, we head towards the tomb and make that slight right and head downhill.  Once at the bottom we turn right and the 1st hill starts.  It’s always good to get that first one out of the way, but man it sure took a toll by the heavy breathing.  We turn back and run down that hill only to run immediately back up the one we first ran down.  The 2nd hill sure seemed to hurt because it so very long and you see the top from the bottom.  We then turn back and run down to the bottom.  This time making a left and heading to the next hill.  The 3rd hill is the one that gets me every time.  It is one of those hills that just keeps going and going.  It is long and brutal.  Just when you think you see the end it rises again and there is more.  Back down to the road and the 4th hill is again to the right.  If the others before this one were steep, this one is definitely a wall.  Very steep, but luckily short.  We worked our way through the cemetery in a counter-clockwise direction.  The 5th hill is a curving ascent that is gradual but never ending.  After the first four, these next hills seem terrible, but on their own probably aren’t that bad.  The 6th and 7th are probably the most tame of the hills we run.  The 8th hill is definitely the longest.  I’m not sure of a distance, but I’d guess it at about 600 meters.  I’ll ask Bill, if he knows.  The 8th isn’t steep until the very end.  It’s a long gradual uphill that takes us all the way out of the cemetery.  The last stretch curves and then gets very steep.  It’s just the wrong time to be running up a hill so steep.  Tough.

So, for the runners that did this yesterday (or have ever run it)… What was the worst for you?  We’ll take an online poll (per Tracy), let us know what you think.

NOTE: to everyone that plans waay far in advance:  Next week we are back to the 2 mile time trial in washington park (3/3)!


The plan for tomorrow’s “Tuesday Pain Day” is to run the Octopus.  For all new to the lunch run, the octopus is a series of 8 hill repeats done in Oak Ridge cemetery.  The cemetery seems to be ideal for this workout, because each of the hills are different.  Some are long, some are steep and most are both.  Most runners (including myself) do not look forward to this one.  But, it does make you stronger… Guaranteed! (or your money back)

For those interested… we are meeting tomorrow (2/24) at the corners of First and Madison at Noon (sharp).