The Kenyans are coming

The two mile time trial made it’s third round this season (already) on Tuesday with another (as predicted) painful loop around the park.  The weather was a near idyllic 60 degrees and little bit of wind.  One of us even ran without a shirt (it wasn’t Erin or Leah).  13 of us made it out to the park for the run and the improvements in the fitness of the group are starting to show.  The times were very refreshingly fast.  Everyone seemed to be smoking fast this time around.

Taft did the honors of the start and away we went.  Andy took off like a Kenyan and it was no joke.  He wasn’t caught until the half mile.  He looked smooth and was flying.  Lawyer set the early pace to the mile and Bill and I followed suit.  The pace felt fast but not taxing.  It was finally starting to feel natural to run that fast.  We went through the mile in 5:29 and I was shocked!  It wasn’t much longer though, before the reality of the pace settled in.  The hill heading up to the pavilion really hurt the lungs and I could feel it start to hurt.  Bill pressed on up the hill and bridged up to Lawyer.  Those two ran together the rest of the way while I hung on about 10 seconds back.  I finished in 11:06.  I no sooner stopped and turned around and saw Billingsley powering home to an 11:50!  I overheard Erin say that she took two minutes off her time from the last one.  Awesome improvements for everyone.

Next week?  Octopus?