The “half” way

The workout was nothing new and unfortunately most everyone knew what to expect.  We had done the 6x800s on the 4:00 sometime last June and it hurt back then as well.  Pacing and consistency is definitely the key to making it through the entire set.  By the way, if anyone thinks that these workouts don’t help, ask Billingsley.  He hit every one well under 3:00.  Everyone looked impressive.

Egan was my official wind-blocker as we ran on the back stretch of each lap.  Fanning was not far behind.  My splits were 2:52, 2:49, 2:47, 2:45, 2:44, 2:42.  My legs were toast the rest of the week.

Tomorrow’s workout? A consensus (or so it seems) has developed for keeping a regimen of hills (and pain) once a month.  So, the first Tuesday of every month shall be deemed “Octopus Day” from here through October.  This means (as usual) a Noon departure from 1st and Madison.  If you’ve never run this workout… it’s worth the price of admission!  Be there…

Lastly… Anyone happen to see Chris Solinsky run the 10,000 this weekend at Stanford?  If not, take 30 minutes and watch the race. It’s that good.