The First Tuesday Speedwork of 2009!

This week’s workout started at the YMCA at Noon.  This will be the standard starting place until sometime in March when we switch the speedwork to the track at Springfield HS.  We leave the YMCA when the Cathedral Bells strike Noon.

The warmup was the standard run to Washington Park.  [The Washington Park Blvd. is a good place to meet the group if you can’t make it to the Y at Noon]  The workout involved 6 quarters at a faster pace (around 5k pace) with about a minute rest.  The Washington Park Blvd (from Walnut Street to MacArthur) is exactly 1/4 mile [sidewalk to sidewalk].  They ran in the grass on one side of boulevard and then walked over to the sidewalk on the other side.  The run back to the YMCA was the cool down for the day.

Dave E.

Bill O.

Matt B.

Matt M.

Alex T.

Greg G.

Greg B.

Tracy D.

Jim C.

A good turnout for the first day of speedwork.  Post comments below.