The Fay head-start

The planned workout was one that we did back in April.  Ironically, I remember that one being cold and windy and poorly attended.  What a difference 3 months makes.  We had a great turnout for the workout.  The weather was about as good as you can hope for in early July.  The plan was to do a mile, half, and a mile.  It was meant to be mentally broken up into 5 halves.  Each half getting faster by about five seconds.  The workout is one of those that sounds easy enough on paper, but compounds later in the workout.  If you start that workout at a 3:00 minute first half during the first mile, your last mile ends up being a 5:25.  The purpose of the workout is to learn control.  Control is the key to racing and getting the most out of your fitness.  It’s about not giving in the first mile to running harder than you should because you feel so good.  And it’s about forcing yourself to noticeably pick up the pace at the end when your body is screaming for you not to.  A special guest appearance by Ben Fay reminded us all of how we remember running back in the day before children and life took hold.

We lined up at the start with Fay in the back of the group.  Someone mentioned that he needed to be at the front of the line, but he said something about a head-start.  We took off and by the back stretch, he came by us in a blur and headed towards the front guys.  I settled in with Fanning, Bennett, Taft, and Gilmore and we cruised through the first mile on our planned pace.  It felt good, but not easy by any means.  Lawyer, Purcell, Owens and Fay finished a little ways in front of us.  We then recovered (400m) and went into the 800 with a goal of 2:55.  We were a touch fast, but it always seems easier mentally after that mile.  Recovery again and we planned our last mile.  We wanted to hit around 5:35 (2:50 & 2:45) and we knew it was going to be difficult.  Certainly doable for any one of us.  We hit the first 400 in 85 followed by the second in 85 seconds.  We picked up pace considerably and tried to relax.  The next quarter was run in 82 seconds and it started to hurt.  At this point Fanning and I were side by side and running strong.  We were definitely pushing the pace.  The last 400 was 81 seconds for a 5:33 last mile.  You couldn’t have asked for a better run workout.  A jog to the park and around the boulevard finished up our Tuesday Suffer-Fest (at least for lunch).  Team bike ride anyone?

Next week (July 14th) [i.e. tomorrow] We are NOT running at the track.  We are meeting at First and Madison at 12:05.  The workout is a nice run through the shaded streets of Oak Ridge while we go past historical places and ascend 8 hills of all different sizes and grades at speeds suited to induce vomiting.  It’ll be a hoot.  See ya’ there.