Sub-60 (not me)

With Terry out of town and few suggestions coming from the group, we didn’t have much of a plan going into the workout on the track.  A few phone calls and it was suggested that we attempt a quarter under 60 seconds (basically all out).  Not exactly what I was itching for, but none-the-less, it was a suggestion.  Once we were on the track, we had to somehow incorporate a full workout into ultimately running a quarter at maximum effort.  I was dreading it due to my ankle issues of the past year or more.  Every time I begin to go fast it tends to put way more stress in that area than regular running does.  I’m not sure if it is the stride length that makes the difference or running more on the ball of my foot (or both).  Either way, I knew it would hurt (in more than one way).

Greg suggested that we first get a little distance in before the quarter.  We decided on a 1600, 800, 400, 400 with a 400 recovery between each.  The first quarter ended up being the really one.  We decided to run these at (or a little faster than) 5K pace.  It was good to see Bill back with us on the track.  John Lawyer graced us with his presence after his Ironman finish only 9 days before.  All we need now is Dave back and we’ll be complete.

The first mile was pretty much a formality (though I did stop after 3 laps due to orthodic issues).  John and a few others were clearly itching to go harder.  The last lap definitely increased the pace and those guys created quite the gap by the finish.  One lap/ full recovery.  I switched to my flats.  The 800 was more of an in between interval.  Much faster than the mile but obviously not 400 pace.  We went through the quarter in 79 and then John and I picked it up with a 71 second last quarter.  Recovery.  The anticipation mounted as we recovered.  Lining up, we knew better than to let Matt B start in back.  We made him take the line with John right next to him.  We started.  The pace was quick, not all-out, but very fast.  After the first turn, I started to feel a little out of control from going so fast.  Through the 200 in 30 seconds.  I was behind Matt and John.  The amazing thing was how smooth Matt looked.  I felt my time up with them coming to an end as my body hit anaerobic and the legs filled with concrete.  The two left me effortlessly on the curve and proceeded to pick it up on the homestretch.  I struggled to not fall on my face and to continue to keep my feet in front of me.  I limped through with a 65 second quarter.  Matt ran a 59 and John was right around 60.  (Did I mention John just did an Ironman 9 days earlier?)  Everyone ran tough there were some very fast times out there.  The weather helped.  The last quarter was a true formality for most and a great end to a hard effort.

Always looking for suggestions…