Serving up the usual for lunch (only more)

Last week we had the typical mid-winter skeleton crew.  I was hoping to be included in the group the didn’t show up (mainly due to the 4″ of snow) but HB Dan texted me and said simply “We’re going!”  So we went.  It was nice to have a guest with us for the workout.  None other than Kyle Monroe.  The guy that went sub-10 hours last year to qualify for Kona.  And then, to prove it wasn’t a fluke, did it again at Kona.  Impressive.  It was great to have him there with us and nice that Lawyer had someone to run with up there.  Needless to say, they were both flying along.  It was great to have a truly dedicated group of guys that proved they would run in just about anything.

This week we have a very similar workout as last week.  The caveat: instead of 3 miles, we’re doing 4.  So it is 800m at interval pace “I” (6:22/mile for Dan and me) followed by 3 minutes of recovery jogging.  4 miles worth.  We’ll do the 5K course we’ve been doing, except carry it on back to MacArthur through the park.

See you all there.