quarter, mile, quarter

The workout was to essentially run a mile for time.  We had a pretty good turnout considering the workout that was ahead of us.  After the warmup, we decided to do some straightaway accelerations (jog the curves) to get the legs fired up.  The plan was to run a quarter at the mile goal pace, a mile for time, a quarter at the mile pace.  We talked a bit about where we wanted to be on this quarter (i.e. strong, but not anaerobic).  Soon we were off.  We hit the backstretch and felt a tailwind slightly pushing us.  Through the 200 in 38 and then the home stretch.  The wind hit us like a brick wall straight out of the South and pushing us back the entire straightaway.  We finished in 77.  We knew time goals were going to be tough to hit.  After the recovery, it was mentioned to everyone that we do that quarter before the mile to get the shock of running that fast out of our system, and that the first quarter of the mile will feel much easier.

Bill and I had talked before we started about what we really wanted to run.  I told him 5:10 was what I could do.  He was relieved we weren’t going to attempt a 5:00 mile.  We both knew sub-5 was unrealistic (at this point, on this day).  

Soon enough the mile had started.  The pace felt systematic and very controlled.  (Bill commented afterwards that he actually thought we were slow at the first 200).  We went through the quarter in 77 and kept rolling.  At the half, we came through in 2:35 (even splits).  At about the 1000m point Bill came around me and kept the pacing even.  My legs were screaming and I was becoming anaerobic.  I knew the last lap was going to hurt.  A lot!  The 1200 was again on pace in 3:52.  I kept Bill close to me the best I could as we rounded the curve and headed to the finish.  Bill finished in 5:10 and I was a second back.  It was a lot of work for a 5:11 mile.

We all recovered while jogging a lap.  There wasn’t a lot to say.  Not that we could really speak if we wanted to.  We ended the workout with a quarter at the same pace as the first.  Some of us ran to the boulevard as a warm down, happy that it was over.

Next week (5/19) we will be doing a ladder.  200, 400, 600, 800, 800, 600, 400, 200  All of the pacing should be distance appropriate (i.e. The 400 pace should be faster than the 800 pace).