The workout was suggested by one of the regulars (you know who you are).  Actually, I also know that he doesn’t read this blog (hence all of the trash-talk about aerobics).  The plan was to do 400, 800, 1600, 800, 400 with half the distance as recovery.  It sounded simple on paper, but after the first triathlon of the year everything was sore.  Keith and I discussed some target times we would try and hit.  Right from the start I knew it was going to be a tough day for me.  Everything was forced and I struggled to even hit the conservative times I wanted to run.  First quarter was :78.  The first half was 2:46.  I knew the mile was going to suck, and it delivered.  I struggled through the half and realized I wasn’t doing anyone (including me) any good, so I stopped and then ran the last quarter with them.  Keith ran 5:29 for the mile.  Lawyer and Terry were up there in a 5:20 mile.  The second half was a 2:37 and the last quarter (for David, Scott and myself) was a perfect :78 (even splits).  I was glad when it was over.

By Thursday night my legs were feeling 100% better.  Only to destroy them again with another triathlon on Sunday.

The workout for the day is (gulp)… 6x800m on the 4:00 send off.  (yes, that includes the rest)