The octopus that we ran two weeks ago was as usual as they come.  The difference was that we had someone to actually run with Lawyer on most of the hills.  Bean and Lawyer were running well along with several other guys.  I was very much struggling in the back because I was dumb enough the day before to ask, “how hilly could Hannibal, MO actually be?”.  Well, the roadies showed me.  We had a decent sized group and it was very warm.

Last week was back to the track.  Again, we broke into two groups doing completely different workouts.  The first was prepping for the sizzling mile (tomorrow night), the other group was doing longer tempo work.  The mile group ran 800, 400, 800, 400, 800, 400 with half the distance of recovery.  The other group ran 3 repeat miles at around 10K pace.  It was very hot on the track and made for a miserable day of Noon running.  My miles were 5:56, 5:53, 6:02.  It shouldn’t have hurt quite like that.

Today we are running the progressive run that we did last August.  This is done entirely as a group.  We start out at 8 minute pace for the first quarter and then drop 5 seconds every quarter until you can no longer maintain that pace.  It’s a great way to test your fitness and see where you are midway through the season.  We’ll warm-up with a couple of quarters to get the legs over the shock and then get into it.  Remembering the pace schedule ends up being a bit complicated.  Last year I wrote it down and (luckily) took a photo.  If you get a chance, copy this down and have it with you if you’d like to know the pace.  Bring a heart-rate monitor if you have one, it’s great way to learn your maximum.  It’s going to be relatively cool out there compared to the last few workouts.