One Thirty Plus!

Track Thermometer

Today’s workout was brutally hot.  In fact, it was the main factor in terms of the actual workout.  Everything else was secondary.  We knew it was going to be hot on the track today, so we altered it a bit and planned on doing some shorter stuff.  It didn’t really seem to matter, because when you run shorter intervals and try to get a certain amount of distance in, it just ends up taking longer.  And it took considerably longer than our usual workouts.

I brought a thermometer with me to the track to see what the actual surface temperature was during our workout at Noon.  It quickly jumped up to around 120 degrees before the workout, and as you can see in the photo by the end it was well over 130 degrees.  In fact, it couldn’t go any higher.

The plan today was to run two sets of 600, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 with a 200 between each interval.  After the first set we planned to fully recover.  The goal was to run the first set in control and the second set faster than the first.  Everyone was feeling a little leery about the heat and how it would affect us.  The first couple intervals were run very conservatively.  Jeff began to feel a little froggy and began pushing the pace hard throughout the rest the first set.  The rest of us ran in control and slowly increased the pace through the rest of the set.  The group stayed together due to our leisurely 200 meter recoveries.  Everyone stopped for water and then jogged a lap.  We went pretty much right into the second set.  The pace was noticeably quicker and our times showed it.  It was nice to get the longer intervals out of the way and to continue to push the pace.  The heat really began to take it’s toll on me though.  After each interval I was feeling light-headed and a little unstable.  I was able to recover with some walking and a light jog.  The last few intervals I slowed down because my ankle hurts more during the increased speed of the shorter distances.  The rest of the group continued to get faster and the last few were just smoking fast.  I’m not sure where those guys were during the rest of the workout.  Maybe it takes them a while to warm up.  My times were: First set – 2:02, 1:39, 76, 53, 38, 18.  Second set – 1:57, 1:31, 74, 58, 38, 16.  All the extra recoveries made the workout a long one and those with strict lunch hours had to leave a bit early.

Next week:?  (hopefully it won’t be 130+ degrees on the track)