One Mile. Up-tempo.

Today’s “Tuesday” workout took place on Wednesday.  This is a lunch-run first.  It seems our two fearless leaders (Dave and Bill) were absent at the start yesterday.  Dave had excused himself an hour before the run (something about a chair) and Bill had previously stated his tardiness ahead of time.  On the way to the boulevard, Alex postponed the Tuesday run until Wednesday.

Today’s run was a simple mile for time.  It consisted of the first mile of our two mile loop in Washington Park.  The mile starts at the stop sign at MacArthur and Williams Blvd. and goes through the park until the hill heading up towards the playground.  The mile mark is the first light pole after the bridge on your right.  Dave, Bill and Alex cruised through in an impressive 5:30+.  The other guys hovered back just a bit.  The roads were still icy and less than fast, which made the times even more impressive.

Next week’s workout should be something longer… (3 mile tempo?)