old standby

The workout last week was one we have done many times at the track.  The key to running it successfully is to stick to the pace.  It’s easy to let your instincts take over and run how you feel.  But this workout forced the exact opposite reaction.  You were forced to hold back when you were fresh and feeling great (and the pace felt easy).  And you were forced to pick it up at the end of the workout when the legs were screaming and you were fighting for air.  To do all of that correctly took a great deal of control as well as knowing your limits.  Practice.

The group I was in hit the halves like this: 3:01, 2:48, 2:47, 2:42, 2:35  Our first mile was a 5:49 and our last was 5:17.  A very solid workout.

Today we are doing a ladder.  400, 800, 1600, 800, 400  We will jog half of the interval we just ran as a recovery (i.e. after the 800, we will jog 400 for recovery).  I was asked by one of the guys to start the workout 5 minutes later than usual.  I hope that works out for everyone’s schedule.  Otherwise we can accommodate.

See you all there!