Octopus – the second coming

Today’s run had another great showing…  I preface that with the absence of our three better runners (without naming names… YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE).  On an upside, we did have a special guest  appearance from Phillip Mitchell.  (He was that soccer player that showed up and ran with us last Summer and kicked our butts.)  Anyway, the group was solid.
We headed towards the cemetery at around 12:03 with an enormous tailwind.  The wind was just howling.  It seemed once we made our way into the cemetery we were sheltered from and it and it simply wasn’t a factor (at least not until hill #7).  The hills went by as usual (tough and painful).  I’m not sure why, but hill #5 always puts me over the edge of being anaerobic and I suffer through the latter part of it.  This time I was able to actually recover and stayed strong on #6 and #7.  For some reason midway up hill #7 we made a slight turn in the road and the wind was just right in our face.  It actually made it tough to keep up the pace we were running.  Quite the headwind.  I remember hearing Matt Burns make some sound to that regard.  Hill #8 is always the hill that if your wheels haven’t fallen off yet, they’re about to.  And boy did they.  Bennett and I stayed smooth all the way up until we make that curve to the left and then really go uphill.  Luckily we didn’t go out too fast because we were able to hang on and get up it.  Everyone today looked really strong coming up that last hill.  It’s nice to see that training show some results.
Dare I say it, but it looks like it’s been another month… Next week is the 2 Miler!  (and I’m NOT taking “other” suggestions)

  • Tomorrow (3/24) will be the second iteration of that infamous workout.  The details of the workout are exactly the same from last month (so I’ll cut and paste from that post)…
  • The plan for tomorrow’s “Tuesday Pain Day” is to run the Octopus.  For all new to the lunch run, the octopus is a series of 8 hill repeats done in Oak Ridge cemetery.  The cemetery seems to be ideal for this workout, because each of the hills are different.  Some are long, some are steep and most are both.  Most runners (including myself) do not look forward to this one.  But, it does make you stronger…  Guaranteed!  (or your money back)
  • For those interested… we are meeting tomorrow (3/24) at the corners of First and Madison at Noon (sharp).