New course record

The 2nd annual President’s Day 5k had a record turn-out and two new course records.  The weather played a significant role in running the course.  The wind along with the cold made the day quite uncomfortable.  The wind was soaring out of the South at a consistent 20 mph, which gave us a headwind for over a mile.  The one saving grace on the day from last year, was the lack of any ice or snow on the roads.  This is definitely one of those workouts I’m glad to have done; but wouldn’t want to do it again.


2nd Annual Presidents Day 5K 
February 17, 2009 
Overcast 39 degrees with 20 mph winds 

Race Director: Matt Burns 

Overall Results 
Place Name Town Sex Age Bib Club Time 

1 Egan, David Springfield, IL M 43 103 SRRC 17:43 

2 Wendell, Mike Chatham, IL M 45 110 SRRC 17:50 

3 Owens, William Springfield, IL M 46 111 SRRC 18:25 

4 Taft, Alex Springfield, IL M 44 104 SRRC 18:38 

5 Bennett, Greg Chatham, IL M 44 101 SRRC 19:10 

6 Sommer, Eric Springfield, IL M 36 102 SRRC 19:23 

7 Peterson, Andy Springfield, IL M 39 112 SRRC 20:30 

8 Gilmore, Greg Springfield, IL M 43 105 SRRC 20:50 

9 Dowell, Tracy Chatham, IL F 36 100 SRRC 21:03