New Chapter

Tuesday speedwork entered a new chapter with the start of track workouts.  Today’s workout started at the Springfield HS Track at Noon.  We had a guest star by the name of Bryan Glass show up and show us what it means to run fast.  Luckily Dave was there to escort him around the track.  The first day of track work had all of the facets I wrote about in the last post (although no-one went under the fence).  We all jumped the fence did a little bit of warmup.  And yes, the school kids showed up on the last two intervals.

The workout today was a reverse ladder.  We did 1 mile, 1/2 mile, 1/4 mile followed by two 200s.  Bill, Richard and I ran together most of the workout and hit 5:34, 2:38, :71, :35 & :33.  The workout was tough, but not over-the-top tough.  It was the perfect initiation to the track.  We’ve been away from the track since last October.  We will now stay at the track (Noon on Tuesdays) unless otherwise stated.

Looking for suggestions for next week’s workout.  It could very well be time for quarters on the 2:00.  Ouch.