Miles and heart burn

Last tuesday at lunch, instead of nearly throwing up on the track, I did what every red-blooded Springfieldian does in August… I ate my way through the fair (and back).  Both “lunches” will make you nearly throw up, one is just a little better for you than the other.  I’ll spare you the details of what I ate (trust me, you wouldn’t want to know).  The guys, however, didn’t follow me to lunch and stayed at the track.  They pulled off a tough set of repeat miles.  There were a few groups on the track running various paces all at about their 10k race pace.  Egan’s group were all at a little under 6:00 pace and managed to get 4 repeat miles in.  Good marathon training.

Today’s workout is still yet to be determined.  I know several guys raced over the weekend and a couple others did a superbrick which finished with a 17 mile tempo run (could you hear us crying?).  Some guys are definitely out for today’s workout, so we’ll figure out a game plan based on who shows up.

Nice job to those that raced Abe’s.