mile, half, mile

It was relatively slim pickins for one of our regular Tuesday workouts.  I’m not sure if everyone is getting smart and scheduling meetings on the Tuesday Noon-hours or I shouldn’t post the workout ahead of time.  Actually, there were eight of us (and yes, we were all on time).  By 12:05 we were discussing the details of the day’s workout.  The plan was a mile, a half, and a mile.  The goal was to mentally break the workout into five half miles and run them progressively faster.  This ultimately does two things: it breaks the workout up so the daunting task of a mile for time is gone, and it forces you to continually think while you’re running hard.   Targets were briefly discussed and soon we were off.  My target was to run 3:00 for the first half and obviously descend from there.  Like clockwork, Richard took us out at 3:01 (Bill was a little bit ahead) and we continued on the second half of the mile.  The overall goal was to descend the halves by 5 seconds.  It doesn’t seem like much, but it is a noticeable difference is pace.  We picked up the pace ever so slightly and finished our mile in 5:54 (that’s a 2:53 for anyone counting).  We all regrouped after the mile and jogged a lap for recovery.  Next was the half.  We started out a little fast at the 200 (40.5 seconds) and quickly made an adjustment.  We finished perfectly in 2:50.  Regroup, jog a lap.  Everyone knew what they had to run.  Bill led the way for us the whole last mile.  We had to run a 2:45 followed by a 2:40 and Bill led the entire mile and hit the splits (and dodged gym students the entire way).  We ran a 5:25 on the nose.  I still can’t believe he did it.  It was a great workout.

Next week… Dare I ask?