Holy Cramp!!

The octopus turned out to be hugely popular.  Especially considering the fact that it was mid-January and we have NEVER run the octopus that early in our training before.  There were probably a dozen or so of us that showed up at 1st and Madison at Noon.  Andy made his first appearance of the year and Lance made his first ever (rough day to make it your first).  What’s impressed me the most about this group this year has been the females that are showing up.  Last week there were as many females as there were guys.  Impressive (and a first).

The Octopus went as planned (meaning it hurt as much as I thought).  Lawyer was/is on fire.  Not many could even get close to him on most of the hills.  Bill was running tough.  I want to give kudos to Joy for winning hill #6.  Yes, she was the first to top for men and women.  The last hill made me want to cry (as usual).  My legs suffered through most of the hills as one would expect, but I was surprised how anaerobic I was on most of them.  I truly could not get enough O2.  That slight hint of blood running down the back of my throat was the sure sign that I was lacking air.

The next day at lunch was “swimming with Eric”… where I got to return the favor to Lawyer for the day before.  It was a tough workout also but in a different way.  It’s intense for shorter periods of time followed by much shorter periods of recovery (8 seconds is considered an enormous amount of rest).  The last interval was an all out 50 for time.  The goal was 26 seconds.  Starting from the wall I pushed off and “holy cramp!” my left calf completed knotted.  I swam the 50 without kicking and made it back to the wall.  Scrambled out of the pool and tried to stretch it back into submission.  Eventually it returned, but even now is still sore.  The Octopus the day before had definitely hurt the legs.

This week’s (1/26) workout is a progressive tempo run.  We are running the standard 3 mile course.  The plan is to run each mile 15 seconds faster.  The mile splits are known and we will discuss them at the start.  I’d like to break into two groups one group running 7:30, 7:15, 7:00 and the other running 6:30, 6:15, 6:00.  It should be uncomfortable, but not impossible.   The last mile should be the only mile that is really straining.  This is the same course we are going to run on Feb. 16th for the 3rd annual President’s Day 5k.