Hills, the way

Last week was again the first Tuesday of the month (boy they come around quickly) so we found ourselves marching down 1st street towrad the cemetery.  There were 12 of us, which seemed huge considering the heat index was 111 deg. (thanks, Buzz).  It was really an impressive group for the conditions as well as the fact that there were at least a couple no-shows due post half-Ironman recoveries.  I was there, but due to my own (and Billingsley’s) recovery from the same race, it was more in spirit.  We went up the hills about halfway before we would realize what a bad idea it was to be out there.  The rest of the guys were on fire!  Wes was throwing it down!  Damn, it’s good to see him running really well again.  Everyone else ticked them off and made it through the octopus in one piece.  Terry finished and went to his car and brought ice cold water for everyone!  It’s the simple things!  A very solid workout for everyone that showed.

Today is going to be a little different.  Bill is heading to the boulevard in Washington Park to run 400 meter intervals in the grass.  We usually do this workout at least once during the Summer months.  He’ll be there at 12:05 MacArthur Boulevard.

I am staying at the track to run something a little longer (and slower).  I will most likely do a mile, 2miles, mile with an 800 meter recovery between each.  It will all be at tempo pace (6-6:10).  It’s a little longer, but as we get closer to marathon season (and Ironman) it needs to be.  See you out there, and bring some water if you can.