Hill We Come

The title is appropriate for both last week’s workout and this week’s upcoming workout.  Last week was the infamous stair workout.  I say “infamous” because it scared nearly everyone away.  Our normal group of 10-12 was reduced to a mere 6.  I guess the mention of lactic acid mixed with hot dry air in a stairwell beforehand was not the best approach.  I’ll be more tactful next time.  Either way, the stairs delivered everything promised and more.  The first interval was all the way to the top.  It’s amazing how something less than 3 minutes can hurt so much!  Lawyer was smokin’ again (I secretly keep changing up the workouts to find his running weakness.  We’re close.  I’m sure, we’re close).  A brief elevator ride down and we were ready again.  This time we went halfway to level 15.  Shorter but (of course) faster.  Back down.  The last interval was a “sprint” to level 10.  By the faces and legs of the guys (I say “guys” because no women showed up) at the end you could tell this one hurt.  The painful walk down the stairs after the last interval showed how much.  We should revisit this one again.

For today’s workout we are planning on starting at the boulevard at 12:05 (usual time and place).  The plan is 6 repeat quarters slightly uphill.  Right by the entrance of the park, the women’s distance course from the mile to the 5 quarter mark (just before MacArthur) is the quarter we are planning on running.  We’ve run this workout many times before (both uphill and downhill).  It’ll be a great workout.