Happy New Season!

Another season is upon us.  As I look back on the season that just ended, I realize it was pretty much a wash all around.  Apart from the fact that it truly got me out on the bike and somewhat back in the pool, it was nothing but frustration with injuries.  It was never really bad enough to put me on my butt in front of the TV, but then again… maybe that would have been best.  It always was there but never bad enough to make me do something serious about it (i.e. surgery or serious time off).  The problem with not getting really serious about it, is that it allows you to continue (for the most part) on your normal path through the season.  This meant several multisport races and of course no season would be complete without a marathon at the end of it.  Of course, this proved to be a really bad idea.  The marathon was pretty much over by mile 5, but unfortunately not officially until just before 18.  (We have thick heads).  Finally pushed over the edge to take this seriously, I went back to my original doctor to have this thing taken care of.  I feel that I gave it my full efforts to avoid the dreaded knife, but alas, it didn’t work out.  He told me that the risks were too high to operate and that I needed to simply back off from intensity and/or distance.  “Well, thanks a lot!”  He could have told me that before I signed up for an Ironman.

As it turns out, someone my wife works with (Dr. Neumeister) has been doing a study on controlling pain using Botox.  Yes, Botox.  I immediately called him after leaving the Doctor’s office and told him I wanted him to try this on my torn tendon.  He obliged by coming over and shooting me up.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and beyond the initial pain of the Botox being injected into the tendon, there were no lingering side effects.  He said it should stop hurting within 10 minutes or so.  I told him it didn’t really hurt all the time, just when I ran or biked.  So for the next few weeks I purposefully rode long (60 miles) a couple of times and ran long (80-90 minutes).  The pain is gone!  It is pretty freaking amazing.  It was so easy that it makes me wonder why I didn’t have it done sooner.  Still waiting to see how it handles the intensity of real training, but so far so good.

Speaking of real training… The first Tuesday in January is upon us, and it’s time to pick up the pace.  We are meeting at 12:05 at the Macarthur blvd today (1-5-10) and will be continuing every Tuesday until sometime in April.  Today we are starting with some sort of shorter timed interval followed by a timed recovery.  Nothing too intense considering it’s early January, freezing cold outside, and the road conditions are less than perfect.  See you out there.