The Tuesday Workout was created with specific 10K training in mind.  Unfortunately, that means something longer on the track and more of them.  The reason we call it 10K specific is because of the speed at which our goal times are based as well as the length of each interval.  The longer the specific race you’re training for, the more you slow down for each interval but the longer you go (or the more of the them you do).

The plan was to run six 800s on a specific interval (another one of those swim-type workouts).  We broke up into two groups.  One group ran them on the 4:00 interval and the other group on the 4:30 (this includes the rest).  The goal pace was to run each 800 at about 5 seconds quicker than your 5K pace.  This put me at about 2:43-2:46.  The weather was about as good as it could be considering it is mid-June and we’ve not yet faced heat stroke on the track.  The turnout was awesome, so breaking into two groups was actually a relief to decrease the size of each group.  There was even a guest appearance by Bryan Glass (he could have made his own group of 3:30 intervals he made it look so easy).

This was the most running of actual intervals we’ve done this year.  3 miles on the track of intervals is never easy, but the format actually seemed to make them go by pretty fast.  My splits were nothing spectacular.  I have been nursing this tendon injury for months and it is getting worse.  I bailed on the last interval because of it.  My splits were 2:51, 2:49, 2:48, 2:46, 2:47.

Next week:  Back to a little more speed?