Full recovery

Last week I was between races and feeling the effects of one while preparing for the effects of another.  I found myself happily taking it quite easy and still getting something in that resembled a track workout.  The rest of the crew (besides Lawyer and myself) ran 800s with a full recovery.  Recovery is a difficult thing to factor in when running a track workout (especially when the guys are pressed for time).  It affects the length of the workout (in time) by more than any other factor.  It also affects the difficulty of the workout greatly.  We opted to run six 800s with a full recovery (jogging a 400).  When you recover like that six times it makes the workout considerably longer than if you were to run that same workout with minimal recovery (say one minute).

I counted 16 people on the track last week.  It had to be close to a record.  It was great to see so many runners out there.  Especially considering that it was less than ideal conditions.  I started with the group and ran the first half in 2:44.  I quickly switched to just the first lap with them while they continued to run 800s.  They were hitting anywhere from 2:40 on up.  It was really warm and not the best for Noon on a black track.  Nice job everybody.

Today is the first Tuesday of the Month and we know what that means… Octopus!  Noon @ 1st & Madison.  Be there!