First one under our belt

It’s always good to get that first track workout of the year under our belt.  But man, did it hurt like hell.  I was actually a little ashamed to announce the first workout of the year: 8 x 400s on the 2:30.  This meant that the interval includes the rest as well.  Last year at one point we did ten of them on the two minutes.  It seemed that the workout should, at the very least, be doable.  After about the 5th one, I was anaerobic and really thinking that I may not finish the whole workout.  It turns out just about everyone was thinking that (thank goodness).  We all struggled through and made it.  It certainly wasn’t pretty, but we got the job done.  The fast ones were around :75 and I saw at least one over :80.  Definitely a solid first workout.

Today we’re doing the mile, half, mile workout.  The distances are mentally broken into half miles and each half mile is supposed to be run 5 seconds faster than the last.  You can start at any pace as long as you get faster for each progressive half mile.  One lap recovery between intervals.