I wanted to throw out a huge CONGRATS to all the rabbits that competed over the weekend.  Eric Bean had a great race in Kona and was the 6th American overall.  It was a cool race to watch online.  Kyle Monroe had another great Ironman 6 weeks after his first.  Sub-10 in Kona = awesomeness!

The Chicago Marathon had many of us up to the windy city over the weekend.  Great performances by Wes, Burns, Hardybreed Dan & Birtch.  And the pacers… Perfect Timing yet again.  I found the heat to be a factor and it made for some serious cramping and tough races for a lot of the runners.  Especially during the second half.  We saw bank signs that showed temps in the upper 80s.  A decent time on 10-10-10 was especially impressive because of the heat.  Congrats to all that dug deep and finished.

Today is sort of an encore presentation at the track.  Lawyer has chosen today to break 17 in the 5,000.  It’s one of those milestones that puts you in a different category, a different league.  I know many of you (myself included) couldn’t jog a lap on the track today, but I promised him that I’d be there to time.  If you’re available and can swing by to cheer him on, he’d really appreciate it.  And obviously, if you’re up for a track workout you’ll be at the right place.

Congrats again everyone!  This is most likely our last track session of 2010.  We’ll be back to Tuesdays at 12:05 in the park on January 4th.  See ya then.