Encore… (part two)

I know I said last week that these Tuesday track workouts were quickly coming to an end, but one of our own is in the final weeks of his race finale.  We are heading back to the track to give him companionship (and of course to make him hurt).  That’s what we do… push each other until it hurts and then we push some more.  That’s why we’ve all had great races this year.  It’s actually been great to be a part of a group that continues to get faster and stronger and smarter.  Through all of the ups and downs and good weather and horrible weather it’s all been a net gain in performances.

So, once again we are heading back to the track for some half mile repeats.  8x800m @ 2:52 with 90 seconds recovery.  Time to test the strength.

I won’t even predict next week, but we are close to the end of the season.  And it’s been real.