I can’t remember running in the rain so much on Tuesday’s workout.  It’s certainly a welcome relief from the heat of the Summer, but seriously.  During the warmup, the black line of clouds were coming from the NE just as the radar had shown.  The lightning was just beyond the line and flashing and rumbling often.  I was thinking to myself that I was glad I had driven so that I could take shelter in my van (along with everyone else apparently).  Once the workout started, so did the storm.  It crashed down and made the first few last laps very tough to fight through the downpour.  After about 15 seconds, everything was completely soaked.  It did eventually let up and the workout continued as if it never had rained.  The plan was to run a shorter workout which was chosen the night before because they had ironically predicted extreme temperatures for Noon (heat index of 110+).  We ran 800, 400, 800, 400, 800, 400.  I actually don’t remember all of my times but I do know that we progressively increased our speed throughout the duration of the workout.

Today we’re going to try something a little differently.  I (along with several others) am training for much longer distances than the traditional road racer and need this speed workout to reflect those distances.  I feel that we need to have two different workouts depending on what you’re training for.  I personally have sore calves until Friday after running quarters approaching sub-5:00 minute pace.  I need to run closer to my LT (Lactate Threshold).  My plan is to run a modified tempo run on the track.  2miles at tempo pace (6:30-6:40) with 800 recovery (continuous) followed by 1 mile at tempo.  The goal and/or plan is to run the tempo at the right pace.  Running too fast defeats the purpose of the workout.  Tempo pace is typically 40-50 seconds per mile slower than your current 5K pace.

Back by personal request, the regular group is running the mile, half, mile workout; where every half mile gets 5 seconds faster.  An oldie but a goodie.