Dog Days

Now that the dog-days of Summer are behind us, it’s hard to imagine that stifling heat of Summer on the track.  Last Tuesday’s workout showed that Summer is not over just yet.  It was a brutally hot day to be on the track at Noon.  The guys fearlessly showed up and had 5 miles of pace work on the agenda (though one was cut due to the heat).  2 miles, mile & a mile were the flavors and the plan was all under 6:00 pace.  Long sets on the track in the heat will either make you very fit, or make you quit.  A tough one, for sure.

Today, we’ve been asked to help pace Bean through one of his workouts in his Ironman prep for Kona.  He is running a workout called MCT1 which involves running LT for 2 minutes followed by tempo pace for 6 minutes then back to LT.  The workout continues without recovery for a certain amount of time (anywhere from 6-8 sets).  Dan and I did this workout a couple weeks ago (though obviously not quite as fast) and let me just say that it was incredibly tough.  So the thought is that perhaps we can integrate an interval workout out of his continuous run (i.e. just running the miles with a 2 min recovery).