Controlled Effort (sorta)

Last week’s workout was our first foray into a controlled tempo pace for the season.  With such a low turnout our plan went from two groups of different paces to just one group of the fast pace.  (all of my kudos to the great turnout of the girls has vanished)  Our all boys group briefly went over the route and decided on our goal pace.  It was planned that we would run a 6:30, 6:15 and a 6:00 minute/mile tempo run over our three mile course.  The conditions were less than ideal with a slathering of ice and snow with a few cinders sprinkled on top along with the howling wind out of the North West.

My splits were 6:33, 6:04, 6:22.  The last mile was less than ideal (as was the second mile (i.e. too fast)).  The effort felt about right.  I would expect that this time of year with my fitness where it is.  If this was June, we’d have a problem.  Owens, Egan and Lawyer made it look easy.  Everyone finished strong.  Same course on the 16th for our President’s Day 5k.

Tomorrow we are doing intervals (starting over with our four week cycle).  The plan is to run five 2:00 intervals at 5k pace followed by 90 seconds recovery.  This will be a continuous run.  We will run our modified 3 mile loop running the park portion clockwise.  The first two should be painless and the last two should be painful.

I want to throw kudos out to Dan Billingsley for coming up with our training calendar.  It is on the right hand column of the main page.  It has our workouts for the next few weeks on there.  It will be a continuous work in progress, but one that we should use to solidify our workouts for Tuesdays (and sometimes Thursdays).  Keep an eye on it.  If you’re interested in adding it to your iPhone or google calendar account, use the following links:

    1. Races Calendar…
    2. Training Calendar…