Change of Pace

Last week we had another great turnout and the weather treated us with some great running conditions.  I had been planning on changing the actual workout that I run to something more like a tempo workout on the track and still keep our traditional workout of intense speed at shorter distances.  My plan was to bring two different workouts and have the guys decide what would work best with their particular type of training and racing.  I’ve realized that there is no need for me to ever have to run a :72 quarter in my future.  To my surprise everyone decided to change things up and run a longer(ish) workout at a much slower pace.  I’m not sure if they too, typically have sore calves until Friday; or if they just chose the slower workout.  Either way, it was a nice change of pace.

The workout was 2 miles of tempo pace, 800 meters of recovery (continuous), followed by a mile of tempo.  “Tempo” is a rather empirical term often used in running with very loose definitions.  Some would say your 5K per mile pace plus 30 seconds.  Some would say your 10K pace.  Some would say it is the pace that you can hold for an hour.  All are right depending on what your goals are and what race you’re training for.  My group went with the 10K pace plan and we cruised through the sets at around 6:00 pace.  It was a great workout and the group stayed together the whole way.  Best of all, my calves felt great the rest of the week.

Today we are running the Octopus!  Noon at the corner of 1st and Madison.