5 seconds off

Last week’s workout was quite the challenge to most that took it on.  It’s a workout that seems simple and not all that difficult to run.  It really is one long progression ending in total exhaustion.  From what I remember, I went one lap further than I did last year.  I’m not sure if that’s a true sign of my fitness, or more of a luck of the draw with the weather and the timing of the workout relative to races.  The weather was pretty good for what we’ve been putting up with.

When we first started out it seemed like we were crawling along and we were still 5 seconds fast at the 200 and nearly 10 seconds fast at the quarter.  We then thought we’d keep the same pace and catch back up.  We were, again, 5 seconds off.  This played true until we were actually running at about the mile mark.  Soon enough though, the 5 seconds fast became 5 seconds slow and we were continually checking splits and playing catchup.  It’s amazing how fast that workout goes by.  I think I made it 10 laps with my last lap being a :75.  It hurt.  I was pretty exhausted by the end of the run, but luckily not sore.

Today, there has been mention of 800s with full recovery.  (Most likely 6)

Not quite sure what I’m planning on doing.  I’m in between races this week.