3 Mile Birthday Cake

Last week’s workout happened to fall on my birthday.  Normally, for my birthday, I would have chosen to run a quarter and go home (or out to actually eat lunch).  However, the guy that suggested 3 repeat miles didn’t know it was my birthday.  For some reason miles on the track seem like an eternity to me.  I’m not sure why, but it always takes several workouts with miles to get to a point where I’m really comfortable running that far.

The plan was to run 3 miles with one lap of jogging in between at a pace about 10-20 seconds per mile faster than your 10k race pace.  This is supposed to be a pace that is somewhat faster than your lactate threshold (the goal ultimately being to raise your threshold).  Once we started, the pace seemed forced and faster than it was.  My body was resisting.  The pace stayed consistent, but it hurt to keep it that way.  We went through the first mile in 5:43.  The entire recovery lap, I was in shock at how much it had hurt and was worried it would only get harder.  Egan mentioned that the first one is always the worst.  Thank goodness he was right.  Don’t get me wrong, the next two hurt like hell, but they were doable.  My times  for the next two were 5:37 each.  Happy b-day, to me.

Up next?  10 (yes, 10) quarters on the 2:00.  I know.