12 minutes without oxygen

Actually, the title is misleading…  they didn’t remove the oxygen until the mile mark.

The four week cycle has finally made it’s full circle and we ran the standard loop 2 mile for time.  We had an average size group for one of our Tuesday workouts.  We started at the usual spot and off we went.  The pace actually felt tolerable during the first few minutes of the run.  Normally this time of year we start an interval and the pace seems insanely fast, but this time it was tolerable.  It was not, by any means, comfortable (unfortunately.)  From the gun, Bill and Alex took it out and then soon settled into a rhythm.  Greg and I were close enough to keep pace off of them.  We cruised through the half in 2:47, which surprised me.  It didn’t feel that bad.  We continued past the pond up the hill and then down.  A sharp left turn and we were through the mile in 5:41.  Greg immediately bridged up to Alex and Bill and proceeded to go right on by.  Once up the big hill we settled back into the pace and tried to continue to push.  I never really recovered from the effort up the hill.  Once we were in the final stretch any last minute surges were zapped from the legs and the finish didn’t come soon enough.  Afterwards, we noticed that most everyone had improved substantially from last month.  I’m sure it helped that the weather cooperated.

GB 11:12
AT 11:18
BO 11:22
ES 11:37
MB 12:23
JO 12:26
TD 12:48 

The debate over next week’s interval workout is now open.  Last month we did 2 minutes on and two minutes off.