“…10 seconds!”

I’m not exactly sure what some people believe the definition of “sharp” is, but I had previously thought it was clear.  For clarification, when I write Twelve O’clock sharp, I actually mean 12:00 pm.  Sorry for the confusion everybody.

Today’s workout was the very simple, very dreaded… Quarters on the two minute interval.  All of you swimmers can disregard the next three sentences.  This workout derives from a type of swimming workout in which the speed interval as well as the rest interval is included in the whole interval.  For instance Quarters on the 2:00 interval means that if you run a quarter in 90 seconds you get 30 seconds rest.  Do the same quarter in 75 and get 45 seconds recovery.  Simple, but painful (they catch up to you).

The plan was eight quarters.  The first few always seem easy and the recovery seems to be enough.  Not a lot, but enough.  I planned to start out in control and see how I felt.  From the gun Terry took it out very fast and Bill followed.  Most of us held back and went though the first in 85 seconds.  It wasn’t bad.  The downside is that you cross the line, come to stop, try to catch your breath, walk back to the starting line and someone announces “…10 seconds!”.  We all hurry back to the line and start number two (exactly 2 minutes from the start of number 1).  This one felt a little better, not so forced and a little smoother… 81 seconds.   Luckily I was not going anaerobic… at least not yet.   “…10 seconds!” we huddled back and off we went.  After about the fifth quarter, it catches up to you and you’re just not getting enough recovery to keep running the pace.  This is the point where everyone is anaerobic, gasping for air (even at the starting line).  Luckily Dave was strong enough to keep Terry company up in the front.  Andy and I tucked in behind them and drafted on the backstretch (there was a terrible headwind).  “…10 seconds!”  The seventh one was 74.  By the last one I was really hurting and my speed slowed.  I finished in 77.  Dan Dungan’s first track workout of the year was one of the toughest we do.  Nice job, Dan.  Everyone seemed to run tough, especially given the wind (and cold).  Some of us ran a warm down loop to Washington Park Boulevard and back.

Next week:  Any thoughts?