Lm Course Long run

I didn’t run the LM half last year due to an injury.  The course hasn’t gotten any easier.  I met Allison, Emily, and lots of other runners at Cafe Moxo at 0700.  We set out on the Lm course.  We settled in at an 8:45 pace. 

At mile 6ish we stopped at the shelter for a quick break.  After some H2O and Gatorade, we were ready to face the hills.  Rick and I kept on at mile 8, I can’t stop on a long run, I don’t want to start again.  We finished the last 2 miles at an 8min pace.  Great run!

I went in to Cafe Moxo and enjoyed some oatmeal and coffee with everyone.  The place was full of runners! 

Saturday afternoon, I was surprised with a private screening of my favorite movie in an old theater in Galesburg!  The “question” was asked, and the answer was “yes”…