You do the Math

Woo Hoo half day at work, and after a delicious lunch at Cafe Brio I went to the pool at south to get a long swim in.  I swam 55 laps, so you do the math.  50 is a mile and a half so…  After the swim I went home and did a little recovery on the coach until Steven got home.  We had planned on going for a 2hr. ride, but my bike is still at Wheel Fast.  ( They were putting a Cat cadence monitior on , and fixing something on the brakes from my wreck.)  So change of plans and we went for a run.  Through the park and around a bit.  6miles total.  I kept my pace slow and felt pretty good the whole run.  After a shower we took the other bike out for a ride, and did a little window car shopping.