Wrap it up

I woke up early and got my 3mile run in on the treadmill.  Nothing fancy, just getting the miles in according to my training schedule.  I hate running early in the morning, but it had to be done.  I got out of the house for an hour yesterday to do powerzone, but felt to guilty to leave my sick at home any longer.  So, I didn’t swim yesterday, and thus meant a swim after work today, and the reason for the early morning run.

My swim after work was a mix between some sprinting, and longer intervals. 

Warm up : 4 x 150

Drill:  8 x 100 leaving on the 1:40

Main: 1 x 500 even paced c+0
4 x 125 odds c+10, evens c+0, descend 1-> 4
1 x 600 even paced c+0
4 x 150 odds c+10, evens c+0, descend 1 -> 4
Dessert:  4 x 25 build to fast
4 x 50 breath 3, 5, 7, 3
4 x 100 pull with bouy and paddles, emphasis on long glide and recovery

After work I Steven and I had a date to get all present wrapping done.  I Have to share the elf video that I made again this year. 

My sister made hers and the kids and I were wetting our pants laughing, so I made ours tonight.  Here is the link so you can make your own.

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