Workout of the Month

I took Sunday off after the railsplitter.  Man, that race wore me out.  So today, after sleeping in, I did a long swim work out at fitclub south.  I  took the work out from Triswim coach workout of the month.  I tailored it to my own preference, I did all free style, except for some of the kicking, and I did some pulling,  but here is the work out: 

Cruise= an interval you can make 100’s on comfortably with :10-15 rest between each
DPS= maximum Distance Per Stroke
3/4 Catchup= freestyle, almost touch your hands in front on each stroke (come about 3/4 of the way to touching)
Descend= get faster throughout the set
WARM UP: 6×100’s (25 Kick/50 Drill/25 DPS)
Drill= One-Armed Free or 3/4 Catchup. Rest= :15
Drill= One-Armed Free or 3/4 Catchup. Rest= :15
#1-4) Non-Free
#5-8) Free, Descend
MAIN: 3×300’s Free @ Cruise interval
3×200’s Non Free @ Cruise + :30
3×150’s Free @ Cruise + :05 Descend 1-3
3×100’s Non Free @ Cruise + :25
3×50’s Free @ Cruise + :15 Descend 1-3
KICK: 8×50’s on your side, descend 1-4, 5-8, fins ok
WARM DOWN: 300, Breathe every 3 strokes
TOTAL: 4100 Yards or Meters