Wordrobe Malfunction

I had the day off today, and I knew it would be the only day I could get my long run done this week, so after dropping the kids off at school,I set out for 14miles.  It was pretty cold out , so I had 2 pair of tights on.  As soon as I left the house, the 1st pair of tights were feeling funny.  Instead of trusting my judgement, and turning around…To quote the fresh prince, I thought nah forget, yo home to bel-air. 

By mile five I had to stop at a friends house, to take off the 1st pair of tights.  They were driving me crazy.  I felt much better after I fixed my wardrobe malfunction.  I continued on.  2 hours and 14 miles later I was back home. 

In the evening I went to powerzone class, and then took the kids out to the Pizza Machine for dinner.  I don’t know if the pizza is any good, but what a great place for kids!