Women’s Biathlon

On Saturday, Steven and I got up early and did a 13 mile long run.  I felt a lot better than I thought I might.  I guess I’m still shooting for Chicago.  After the run we went to Sportscare and helped with the Early registration and expo for the 2010 Women’s Biathlon being held on Sunday September 12th.  I wasn’t sure how many people to expect. I brought an  example of how I would set up my transition area, and what I would bring and wear to race in.  We also handed out biathlon check lists.   It was great getting to answer questions and share my knowledge.  I was pleased at the number of women who are first timers.  Some said they can run 3 miles and bike 12 mile but back to back?  I gave a lot of encouragement and tips.  This is a great first time multisport race!  Dr. Dan Adair gave a great speech on multisport athletes.  I learned some things, like it takes 3 weeks for your body to benefit from the exercise.  So, a tempo run a week before my marathon is not going to change my fitness level.    I think the slide with the “only weight loss plan”  was my favorite.  Get your hands out of the chips and your @ss off the couch. Simple  as that.  You don’t have to be good you just have to get moving.